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Huang Tan town water fu temple
Seven house ridge village Huang Tan town beautiful countryside
Tianmen city bear river avenue mains lighting lamps
Tianmen city Wu Jing connecting mains lighting lamps
Dutch sand road mains lighting lamps
Tianmen city small plate town lights village photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects
Photovoltaic power station
Photovoltaic (pv) power generation

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   Menge embellish technology development co., LTD., established in days2011Years4Month15Day,Economic development zone is located in tianmen fairy road4Number,Company is mainly engaged in photovoltaic power generation、Solar street lamps、LEDLighting series and energy conservation and environmental protection such as independent research and development of new energy products、Production、Sales and installation of equipment engineering and service,Company focus on developing distributed photovoltaic power generation systems and off-grid type scenery complementary street lamp lighting system,Make full use of clean green energy zero power consumption、Zero emissions、Zero pollution,Products are widely used light for poverty alleviation,The road、Landscape、Lighting and charging stations。At the same time,The company is《Scenery complementary lighting system》The main drafting unit of industry standards。

    Company focused on solar photovoltaic field to provide professional products and comprehensive solutions. Company is the solar photovoltaic power station overall construction scheme and corresponding equipment providers,The main products including solar panels、Photovoltaic (pv) grid inverter、Solar photovoltaic stents、Photovoltaic (pv) grid control box, etc,In accordance with the productISO9001Quality management system and the national or trade standards for research and development and production,Stable performance、Quality and reliable. My company rich covers household photovoltaic power station project and products、Commercial to distributed power plants and other fields,Can provide customers with the category rich standard products and customized solutions. From project consultation to plan formulation、Product design、Engineering calculation、Production of transportation、Project management、Late site construction installation and plant maintenance,Our service penetration in every detail of the project。

    LEDBased on semiconductor materials,To high-tech computer chips and the production of leds lighting products,It's nothing filament、No mercury、No electronic powder、Pure lighting light source into the life of human beings,High brightnessLEDCompared with the traditional lighting products with green green lighting products、No pollution、Life is long、Cold light source, etc。High brightnessLEDStrong light controllable green lighting products,Not cause light pollution,Color temperature is zero4500-6300KThe white light,Compared with traditional high pressure sodium lamp energy saving50%-70%,To reduce carbon emissions70%,Save the line50%,Light of life50000Hours,Seven years of free maintenance,High brightnessLEDHeavy metal pollution of green lighting products,No carbon dioxide emissions,No ultraviolet and infrared radiation,Full compliance with international and domestic lighting lighting industry standards。

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